Certified Work Ready Program success


From school to the first day on the job, it’s not always an easy transition.

“I don’t understand why every business small, medium, large wouldn’t use this program,” said Guy Voltz, Cell Phone Medics.


Guy Voltz with Cell Phone Medics is a big fan of Certified Work Ready Program. He’s used it to fill several jobs, including hiring Kelsey Lucas.


“They could see this as what I’m capable of without having to watch over me, which would have made me stress out,” said Kelsey Lucas, employee.


Lucas was tested for math, her ability to read for comprehension and look up information. The results showed her key job skills and landed her a job in downtown Joplin. Although, she could have applied almost anywhere since the program is recognized through much of the country.


“So they truly are transferable. So somebody has their certification at a certain level, they can go to another state and look for a job,” said Rob O’Brian, Joplin Chamber.


“Jasper County, Missouri was the first county in the nation to be certified work ready,” said Jay Nixon, Missouri Governor.


Jasper County was certified in 2013. Since then, 124 counties have joined, many of them in the Show-Me-State.


“People have seen it as an advantage. A lot of people are chasing this area. We’ve now got 35 counties and I expect a number more to meet that in the coming months,” said Governor Nixon.


In Southwest Missouri, that includes Newton, McDonald, Barton, Vernon, Lawrence and Barry counties. Cherokee County in Southeast Kansas is the only one in Kansas to meet the certification.

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