KC tops the nation in business growth

Kansas City is outpacing major cities, such as New York and San Jose, in business growth.


Pennsylvania-based Wendover Corp. released its third-quarter national business growth survey report, which found that Kansas City tops the nation with its business growth index score. Kansas City’s score increased 23.8 percent compared to the same period last year. The national average is a 10 percent increase.


For its business growth index, Wendover looks at factors, such as business relocations, expansion into additional space and the opening of new locations.


“We were surprised at first, but as we dug deeper the Kansas City numbers made sense,” Wendover CEO Larry Dillon said in a release. “We found large-scale expansions in health, legal services and real estate in Kansas City. We also spoke with the KCADC about changes in the business environment, and they referenced the introduction of Google Fiber and the Cisco Smart City Initiative as major drivers of development in the area over the past few years.”


Wendover’s report is based on 2.6 million business expansion surveys conducted across 55 major U.S. metro areas. Other cities in the top five are Phoenix, New York, San Jose, Calif., and Dallas.


Wendover is a sales consulting, market research and technology firm.




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