La-Z-Boy Opportunity Center continues to help enhance workforce development




“This is a high bar to hit, and the trifecta today means there’s going to be solid growth in this economy,” said Jay Nixon, Missouri Governor.


Governor Jay Nixon stopped in Neosho on Tuesday to welcome the new La-Z-Boy Opportunity Center to the area.


“This center, which was complete earlier this month, will enhance the areas workforce development efforts,” Governor Nixon explained.


The new facility offers free training services for local businesses.


“The La-Z-Boy Opportunity Center has two goals. First, is to provide a state of the art and free to use digital training center for any type of training that is needed by our local companies,” said ¬†Mike Franks NABIFI CEO.


The second goal is to create a space for small business start ups and entrepreneurs to use.


“They can come in here before they can afford an office in here. We’ll even help them develop their business plans and help them define financing for their operations,” said Franks.


Governor Nixon says area workers can now use the new opportunity center to achieve national career readiness certificates.


“Having a training center here with the help of a private employer, La-Z-Boy, so that folks can come in to take these important skills tests and then move forward,” said Governor Nixon.


“I think this really sends a message that Newton County is here to grow opportunity for all of our citizens at this point. Whether you’re part of a big business, a mid-size business, or you have a dream to start. That’s what we’re here to help and support,” said Franks.


Watch the video of the Governor’s Visit: