MASS Depot Breaks Ground

May 9, 2017

MASS Depot just broke ground on a 30,000 square foot, approximately $1 million dollar expansion in Neosho’s Industrial Park.  

Mass Depot is a locally owned, emerging “Omni Channel” retailer. It was born of a fusion of its talented Founders; Shane Smith, David Pevahouse and Wes Ogden. This fusion included merging two existing Businesses; Smith Family Powersports and David’s Tools. These two business concepts now enjoy the benefits of their founders (Shane Smith and David Pevahouse), plus those of a long-time retail distribution veteran, Wes Ogden.

Mass Depot makes “great values” available through its existing retail channels; Amazon and eBay, along with a new “walk-in” retail location at 4500 Doniphan Drive for its tool sales business.

Thank you, MASS DEPOT, for continuing to help GROW NEOSHO.