Mass Depot receives GROW NEOSHO AWARD


GROW NEOSHO initiated a program to honor companies that make a significant investment in Neosho and/or Newton County that creates new jobs and opportunities for area residents. Toward that end, we have been honored to acknowledge the investments made by two of Neosho’s signature companies, Nutra Blend and Haas Warehousing. We are honored to present this award to Mass Depot, and its three founders.


Mass Depot is a locally owned, emerging “Omni Channel” retailer. It was born of a fusion of its talented

Founders; Shane Smith, David Pevahouse and Wes Ogden. This fusion included merging two existing

Businesses; Smith Family Powersports and David’s Tools. These two business concepts now enjoy the

Benefits of their founders (Shane Smith and David Pevahouse), plus those of a long-time retail

distribution veteran, Wes Ogden.


Mass Depot makes “great values” available through its existing retail channels; Amazon and eBay, along

with a new “walk-in” retail location at 4500 Doniphan Drive for its tool sales business. And, this is just

the beginning. As Mass Depot leverages the knowledge and contacts that Wes Ogden brings to the

business other opportunities will emerge and join the Power Sports and Tools categories.


Their building is the tangible evidence of the bold course being charted by Mass Depot’s founders.

Smith Family Powersports was previously located in a 16,000 sq. ft. facility a few blocks away on

Francis Avenue. Now Mass Depot operates from a 34,000 sq. ft. facility.


The opportunity being created by this merger/expansion include the addition of ten employees

during the ramp up of this new facility. Ten more opportunities created for the people of Newton County.


NABIFI takes this opportunity to acknowledge the investment in both money and personal

effort made by Shane Smith, David Pevahouse and Wes Ogden. We honor them for helping to