Missouri led surrounding states in new job creation for October

octjobsThe Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Regional and State Employment and Unemployment” report, Missouri ranks sixth in the nation when it comes to job growth from September to October. In addition to high rankings on the national scale, Missouri also pulled ahead of neighboring states, ranking first in month-to-month growth, and second in annual growth from October 2015.


Missouri was one of 11 states with significant month-to-month employment increases from September 2016.


Bill Niblack of the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center said Missouri’s place at the top of the charts compared to surrounding states is also an important economic indicator.


“We’re all part of the central U.S. and the other states are more similar to Missouri than larger states like California, Texas, or Florida,” he said. “when we see Missouri outpacing nearby states, we are seeing good substantial change.”


The rankings were released on the heels of last week’s job report, which showed the highest employment in Missouri state history.


According to seasonally adjusted data released today by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri’s nonfarm payroll employment grew by 9,300 jobs in October, reaching a new record high for the state with 2,838,500 jobs. The month’s employment increase was on top of the jobs gained in September; the increase from August to September was revised upward to 10,100 from the original estimate of 6,700. In the last twelve months, Missouri has gained 50,900 jobs.


Missouri’s largest private-industry employment growth for the month occurred in administrative, support & waste management services (+5,200 jobs), followed by health care & social assistance (+4,200 jobs) and trade, transportation & utilities (+2,400 jobs). Companies interested in learning more about Missouri’s resources for new and expanding businesses should visit www.ded.mo.gov.