Neosho Will See New Homeowners by the End of This Year

NEOSHO, MO. – Neosho is set to see many new homeowners by the end of this year.

“Through early just we were already at 101. So you can see the trend is clearly for more building permits in town than less.” said Mike Franks Grow Neosho CEO.

The city has seen a boom in housing developments on the west edge, with many major industrial projects bringing in new jobs, and residents.

Housing numbers are well ahead of previous years, such as 2015, where around 150 houses were built the entire year.

“Putting in a great new series of roads and lights out here, so we’ve really created a great environment for housing and the area has responded.” ¬†said Mike Franks Grow Neosho CEO.

Today, contractors like Randy Swift and his partner are purchasing massive plots to build houses in the area.

“We’ve actually sold this subdivision to a developer and their house prices look like anywhere to be from 150 to 220 thousands dollars. But they’ve bought all the lots and they’ll start building here right away.” said Randy Swift Owner of Lane & Swift.

And as soon as they finish this 70-acre subdivision, they’re onto the next in the same part of town.

“We’ve got other properties that we’ve bought and and as soon as as soon as we’re out of this one, we’ll start on another one.” said Randy Swift Owner of Lane & Swift.

In addition to greater access from I-49, three schools within one mile of one and other are also attracting families with children to that side of town.

“We see a good steady growth in Neosho, our our student populations are going up… It’s it’s moving forward.” said Randy Swift Owner of Lane & Swift.

Reporting in Neosho, I’m Erin Sullivan, Action 12 News.


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