Scholastic extends lease for Neosho facility

By JRBJ Staff

On Sept. 9 Scholastic and the Neosho Area Business and Industrial Foundation, Inc. (GROW NEOSHO) announced that Scholastic, Inc. extended the lease of their Neosho facility through July of 2022 according to a press release from GROW NEOSHO. Scholastic’s Neosho facility employs more than 500 people during peak season and has used the facility on Howard Bush Drive since 2008.

“Neosho has been a good fit for Scholastic”, said Steve Marble, Vice-President for Customer Service. “Our partnership with GROW NEOSHO and use of their “Spec” building has provided Scholastic with a quality facility and access to a productive workforce.”

“In addition to being a major employer, Scholastic has been a strong supporter of Neosho and Newton County schools”, said Michael Franks, CEO of GROW NEOSHO. “They have continued to supply valuable educational materials to local schools as a part of their overall corporate commitment to education.”

“GROW NEOSHO believes that our “Spec” building has proven to be a valuable job producing asset for both Neosho and Scholastic”, Franks continued . “We are very appreciative of Scholastic’s commitment to Neosho and Newton County.”

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